RETIREMENT PLANNING: Will you have enough?


A recent TD Waterhouse-sponsored poll of 1,000 people between the ages

of 45 and 75 found that: 67% were worried they haven't saved enough money for retirement!


A discussion about having enough money for retirement is the kind of analysis a financial adviser can provide. We can tell you how much you will have in retirement based on your current savings, how much income that will generate and how long it might last.

PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: Are you interested in a better way to invest?


  • can you reduce the management fees you pay every year?
  • can you improve your chances for a better return?
  • are your investments too risky?
  • how did your portfolio hold up in the recent market crash?
  • is your portfolio positioned to withstand the next market correction?


We can offer you a second opinion on your investments that will answer all of these questions.